At Frankland Racing Supply, racing rear ends are our specialty. Our shop team’s experience with building these units — and racing them ourselves — means we’re experts at diagnosing and repairing products. While the average mechanic rebuilds a rear end now and then, at Frankland we’re building and repairing rear ends every single day.

Fast Turn Around

We have over $2 million in parts in stock, on hand in our shop, so there’s no waiting for a part to come in. If you schedule in advance with us, we offer same day service on inspections and repairs.

Specialized Tools

We have tools the average garage doesn’t. With our specialized measurement tools, we can often spot problems before they happen, including finding and fixing parts that are bent or out of round.

Inspection & Diagnosis

Our technicians have years of experience, and they repair over 100 rear ends per year. They know which parts most often break, and they can check for damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

Rebuilds for Any Brand

We work with all racing rear ends—even those made by our competitors. We have parts on hand to repair rear ends made by Tiger, Winters, DMI … and of course Frankland too.

Full Inspection Checklist

For Tiger, Winters, DMI, and Frankland Racking Supply equipment

Open/Closed Tube Rear Inspection Items

  • Inspect Ring & Pinion
  • Check Lower Shaft for Straightness
  • Check Axle Tubes for Straightness
  • Check Sidebells for Straightness
  • Check Axles for Straightness
  • Axle Straightening If Needed
  • Inspect Snout for Trueness

Need a quick turnaround? We have 2 million in parts on stock, including replacement parts for Winters and DMI. We’re ready for you.

It’s just $99.00 + parts for a full rebuild!

$99.00 for parts and basic labor; additional labor cost may apply.

Rebuilt rear ends

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