Frankland Racing Supply began as a solution to a problem.  Founder Jim Frankland had been racing since 1931, and he was looking for a way to quickly adapt his gear ratio to match the conditions of the track. The existing design, known as the pumpkin, was very slow to change out,. So Jim designed the 6-bolt quick-change rear end, and without realizing it changed racing forever.

Jim’s new rear end design was so successful he began manufacturing parts for other racers, and in 1947, he launched Frankland Racing Supply. In 1995, Jim Frankland was inducted into the Michigan Motor Sports Hall of Fame.

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Jim Frankland

The Ferree family

In 1991, NASCAR driver Ed Ferree acquired Frankland Racing Supply and moved the company to Saxonburg, Pennsylvania.  Ed had raced on dirt tracks throughout the 1980s before getting onto the Winston Cup and the Bush Grand National scene, so he could see what racers of all levels and types needed – and what they needed was a reliable rear-end that was quick to change and that would last.

Ed had used Frankland rear-ends in his own cars for years. With Frankland, Ed knew he had a product that other racers would want – one that was worth staking his reputation on.

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Today, Frankland Racing continues to grow and innovate. Our design is still based on Jim Frankland’s original idea, but we constantly look for ways to improve the design – ways to make it lighter, faster, and stronger.

Our rear ends are used by countless drivers, and we ship rear ends anywhere in the United States, and we have also sent parts to racers in 5 different countries. Nearly all of our parts are manufactured in the United States (with just one part made overseas, in Italy!), and over 80% of them are made at our Saxonburg plant. Our local manufacturing process in our 22,500 square-foot facility lets us keep our prices affordable.

We’ve been a family-owned and operated business for over 7 decades, and we’re proud of it. Our talented team can complete same-day repairs on rear ends made by any company, not just Frankland. To date, we have over $2 million in inventory, ready to ship to anywhere in the world.